Proverbs 20:5 “A plan in the heart of a man is like deep water. But a man of understanding draws it out.”

Being a Christian is a meaningful part of your life but there are areas you find challenging, confusing, and in which you really want answers, yet you don’t know where to turn. What you’ve tried so far hasn’t really worked.

A skilled Life or Christian Relationship coach can help you discover the answers you are seeking. Individuals, just like yourself, engage a personal coach for many reasons, including when they:

  • Suffer from overload or burnout
  • Long for a meaningful relationship with God
  • Search for meaning and purpose
  • Feel lonely, without meaningful relationships
  • Experience anxiety and depression
  • Feel overwhelmed and inadequate as a parent
  • Are wondering how to avoid or survive divorce
  • Need help and healing from difficult or broken relationships
  • Are ready for the next step after counseling

Coaching is a relationship between your coach and you:

  • It’s a dialogue focused on you; your values, your desires, your dreams and your challenges
  • It allows you to explore, examine, and choose new options
  • It allows you to focus, consider options, set goals, make decisions
  • It enables you to develop a more meaningful relationship with God

You will discover:

  • The life God planned for you
  • Freedom from past failures and negative thought patterns
  • Your value, confidence, and significance
  • Your God given talents, gifts, passion, and purpose

You spend your time and invest your resources in many ways, yet you carry alone puzzling questions, self-doubt and unresolved pain locked away in your heart. You are filling your life with frantic activity, accumulation more stuff or walking alone through your days. Is this what you really want?

God has so much more for you. Take the step. Find out more about Christian Life or Christian Relationship Coaching. You don’t need to walk this path alone.

You don’t need to walk this path alone.  Message me below to set up a Free Coaching Session to see how Coaching can help you!

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